Friday, December 02, 2011

Markov More Rest Days

Whatever happened between a full practice earlier this week and a plane landing in Southern California, it has led Andrei Markov to question his recovery.

From behind the iron curtain of Canadiens PR, we today get the information that Markov was in LA to get a second opinion on his knee. A second opinion that apparently expressed itself first with the need for further rest.

There's lots of reasons to panic, but not many good ones.

If you were happy to see Markov take the safe approach to return, you should still be happy with this new news. If you were hoping Markov's return would turn a non-playoff team to Cup contender, you should reconsider your evaluations anyway. And if you're worried that the Canadiens players may not trust the medical opinions they get from their own staff, then you worry too much.

If Markov needs the rest he should take it. If he feels a tweak, it's better he doesn't ignore anything, but continue to rest and strengthen. This lesson he learned from his return a year ago, a return he completed on the medical advice he may now be questioning.

And on the team that doesn't seem to be very forthcoming with all this information? I don't share the opinion that they owe us this transparency because we pay to watch games (either in tickets or cable subscriptions). This information, while it may delight a few fans is not being concealed for those purposes. It is currency that the team owns that if squandered could hurt the organization in many ways (I think of trades in particular).

As Markov rests, I suggest we all take a rest with him. Until he steps on the ice, don't expect him back. That's his approach, let's make it ours.

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