Tuesday, November 22, 2011

News and Consequences

November 22

How does big news actually affect the Habs? This is how we think it does

Big news: Crosby returns with 4 points

Why a Habs fan should care:Aside from the fact the Canadiens still have to play Crosby-led Pittsburgh 3 more times, this also changes the whole landscape of the East. Teams that are vying for top spots will push harder to catch the Pens, teams that play the Pens a lot may lose more. This Saturday might tell us which of those two groups the Habs want to fall into this season.

Big news: Markov at practice

Why a Habs fan should care: It's the news we've been waiting for, that's why. Markov won't cure all ills, but he's the best PP QB of any player on the team, injured or healthy and he's a better defender on one leg than at least 3 of the guys the team deploys now. Getting the defence that was intended by the GM will also help the team in general and Carey Price in particular.

Big news: Carey Price NHL Star of the Week

Why a Habs fan should care: You shouldn't. It's nice to get accolades (for Carey), but it means little for the future. In the past, I'd have warned of the growing head of the young goaltender affecting his game (as a Centennial All-Star start did), but those days are behind us.

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