Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Gionta For Captain?

You can see the results below, but LIW readers have voted and chosen brian Gionta for captain. Gionta gets 37% of your votes followed next by Markov at 21% and Cammalleri and Gorges at 15%.

Gionta an adequate choice

In my personal opinon, I think you've chosen adequately. Gionta will be a good captain for now. I just don't think it's a long-term solution. It's more Shayne Corson than Saku Koivu if you get my drift.

The reason I say this is because of all the contracts on the Habs, Gionta's stands out. It is as once the an overpay, but also the most moveable of the overpays given that Gionta has demonstrated veteran leadership and quick hands. As such, I'm not sure Gionta is more than a transitio0n captain. That transition might very well be a more than worthwhile 3 years, however.

Gomez shunned

I'm not entirely surprised by your shunning of Gomez, but I do wonder how he gets less votes than "No captain" (which has been highly unpopular) and only a single vote more than unlikely captain material Carey Price.

We have been told that management will be choosing the captain, so I think it only fair to warn the readers that I consider Gomez a frontrunner for the opening. For one thing, he's already been a captain, he's in Montreal for the long-term (like it or not) and he's shown his leadership already on the team.

He's an awkward speaker when it comes to interviews, a bit boring. But you have to like how he made friends with lapierre so fast after being traded, and he seems to have fitted himself in.

0 votes for Hal Gill

Another oddity is 0 votes for Hal Gill. If we're going for a temporary fix, Hal might not be such a bad bet. He doesn't do any more or less than is asked of him, and is a clear favourite of Martin after those playoffs. He must be in the running if for no toher reason than his assistant captaincy that ran all season long.

Josh Gorges

You know how it was once catchy to say that Josh Gorges was the most underrated player in the NHL? I don't think we can say that any more. His aura has taken on more than it probably should, in my opinion. Yes he works hard and yes he plays a simple and solid game, but this is what he needs to do to keep NHL employment.

It's this writer's opinion that Josh is a valuable piece on the team, one that I hope management can hold onto for the right price for a long while. Hoever, I think he thrives in the background when all he's asked to do, he does well. I may well be wrong, but liftin him to such a big role may be to the detriment of his simple passing game.

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