Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Kovalchuk Deal

Coming back from holiday, I heard the news that Ilya Kovalchuk had signed with the New Jersey Devils on one of the most piss-taking deals yet.

I was neither surprised that the Devils won this pursuit, nor that the deal took advantage of a cheating opportunity in the CBA. The Devils are on top of things like this, and it's a big reason they are on top of the conference year after year.

From a Habs point of view, the deal isn't good. With Washington and Pittsburgh already decked out, Philly a better team and others on the rise, the Eastern also rans like the Habs needed a Parise-Kovalchuk 1-2 like they needed a kick in the teeth. The fact that it is now viable long-term due to contract craftiness is more disheartening.

I would write morw on what I think the Habs should do about it, but JT at The H Does Not Stand For Habs has done a good mind reading job on me.

Other thoughts and questions

Why is Plekanec signed at $5 milli9on a year for a mere 6 years? Wouldn't $50 million for 15 years have made more sense?

Was Halak unaffordable with this contract math?

Will the Habs be on the insdie or outside of this loophole before it gets closed? (And Gomez doesn't really count...)

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