Friday, June 18, 2010

What If Those Were Price's Numbers?

26-13-5, 2.40, 0.924

9-9-0, 2.55, 0.923

56-34-7, 2.62, 0.919

Those are the numbers at issue here. Regular season, playoffs and career to date. They look pretty good. Too good apparrently for the Canadiens in their cap situation.

I can accept that argument (I don't like it), but humour me here. What if those numbers belonged to a first round draft pick from 2005 named Carey Price?

Would the Canadiens have been able to get away with trading him for a package? (I think we can all admit, it would have been an even better one)

Or, would the Canadiens have been forced to find a way to fit in his millions?

Is it worth thinking about?.

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