Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Some Quotes To Make Our Bias Look Pale

Last week, I responded to responded to a Price friendly article with a Price unfriendly response. Balance is what I was seeking. I forget that not everyone follows the same reading patterns as me.

The ensuing debate was interesting and educational for everyone. We all got to reflect a little bit on our own positions and the possibility of coming out of the trenches we have dug just a little.

Another week and it's more of the same from the Habsosphere. Rather than opine on this one inkblot more, I offer you two quotes to consider:

Jack Todd, Montreal Gazette:
"Just when we thought he was growing up, meanwhile, it turns out that Price, is aging like fine whine.

Price was caught again last week, dissing and moaning about his hard luck, the people who bother him in public, the lack of offensive support, the boo-birds at the Bell Centre.

This is Montreal. It's the NHL. Boos, bores and bad bounces go with the territory. If you can't take it, you belong in Nashville."

Ted Bird, CTV:
"Clearly, the numbers favor Halak, but numbers are for bean counters who don't understand or appreciate the intangibles that separate respectability from greatness.

Halak has been at least as much of a pleasant surprise as Price has been a disappointment, but there are reasons Price was drafted fifth overall in the first round in 2005, two years after Halak was taken in the 9th round, and the 22-year-old Price is still a more likely candidate to develop into a franchise goaltender than Halak is to sustain his excellent level of play over the long term."

Plenty to offend all the sensibilities of all parties there I think. Gotta love Montreal, they know how to keep that pot stirred.

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