Friday, November 20, 2009

Yesterday's Post: Finding The Middle Ground

Yesterday, I wrote about Gionta's injury and the resulting need for a serious evaluation of the Canadiens status at this point. Your response was passionate and thoughtful as usual.

I'm not sure where we netted out on the response, but apart from a few people I've spoken to, most seem to agree a response of some kind might not be a bad idea from our fearless leader. Personally, I feel the answer lies between the extreme idleness proposed by the few and the hyperactive movements unleashed by others.

Anyway, to each their own. As I said, i don't really know what to do do, I have just concluded that "nothing" might not be the right answer this time. I might interest some of you to read the advocate for "nothing" and make your minds up for yourselves whether he or I is the crazier. He does make some god points, so maybe I do draw the short straw?

On another front, Olivier (faithful reader and stats mentor), has leaped on the idea of trading Plekanec – which a) tells me he's at least as crazy as I am if I am so diagnosed, and b) that he doesn't suffer from the sentimental disease that can plague the millions. Read his piece on the imaginary trade.

Tonight's the first night of hockey after Gainey's season-defining reinsertion of Laraque. Let's see if the Canadiens show the Capitals up for the charlatans they are...

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