Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Elias On Gomez & Gionta

I wrote about these guys yesterday. Now it seems Elias is speaking on his fondness for the pair.

Check out the article in French on here.

The quote of the piece for me has to be this:
« Scott Gomez est un bon patineur ainsi qu'un bon fabricant de jeu qui doit contrôler l'action. Brian Gionta est aussi un bon patineur avec une éthique de travail irréprochable et des mains rapides autour du filet. Si on les jumèle ensemble, c'est très dangereux. »

Scott Gomez is a good skater and playmaker who (has to/likes to) control the game (tempo). Brian's also a good skater and has a work ethic beyond reproach, with quick hands around the net. If you put them together, it's very dangerous.

Terrific work ethic? If you say that about a teammate, I thought it was kinda like saying he's got a nice personality:

"Scott has great hair and these eyes you get lost in. Brian also has eyes and a really really great personality..."

Good interview, though.

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