Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Head Coach Therrien: No Thanks

Now that Michel Therrien is on the verge of a Stanley Cup final, some Montrealers have gotten to thinking that we let one get away.

Let me assure you: we didn't – not in Therrien anyway.

I wrote a review of Therrien's Montreal tenure before (and you can read it here). The facts show he misused his resources, squandered opportunity and generally didn't do very well. He may have matured, but he was not a good coach back then.

Whether he is a good coach now or not is not clear, nor is it of great concern to me. While there is some skill involved in coaching the current league MVP, the upcoming league MVP and other first overall picks, the fact is there are at least twenty odd coaches who could handle that brief. I think many an illustrious Florida coach could get wins out of Crosby, Malkin and Hossa.

Let's not let one Stanley Cup final appearance have us longing for the Michel "Second penalty" Therrien.

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